Dites Cheese! - Votre campagne de financement<br />vous fera sourire!

Ce portail a pour but d’appuyer le milieu scolaire, sportif et associatif lors de leurs campagnes de financement. Grâce à des produits de qualité supérieure de la Fromagerie St-Albert, Dites "Cheese" vous permettra d’atteindre rapidement votre objectif financier!

Fisher Park Summit Alternative

Responsable: Summit Alternative School Council
Ottawa, Ontario

Description de la campagne

The Summit Alternative School Council is raising money for student trips and school expenses. If you love cheese, this is a great opportunity to enjoy the taste and help the school at the time!

Click on the Order Cheese button to the right. When the order form appears, please enter your name at the top. Enter your child's name and home room in the sales person field at the bottom. The form also asks you for your address. This is only used for identification purposes. The cheese will be delivered to the school.