Dites Cheese! - Votre campagne de financement<br />vous fera sourire!

Ce portail a pour but d’appuyer le milieu scolaire, sportif et associatif lors de leurs campagnes de financement. Grâce à des produits de qualité supérieure de la Fromagerie St-Albert, Dites "Cheese" vous permettra d’atteindre rapidement votre objectif financier!

Holy Trinity Social Justice League

Responsable: Tracy MacDonald
South Glengarry, Ontario

Description de la campagne

The Social Justice League is here to ensure you get your CHEESETER for EASTER. Order your CHEESE to CHANGE the world today. All proceeds will be used to help those in extreme poverty. Our sponsor child, Emmanuel Ramos from the Philippines, will receive another year of education, food, and medical care. All basic necessities purchased through Chalice last year, such as immunizations and eye glasses, will be purchased again this year. If sales and profits exceed last year, all additional proceeds will be used to purchase roosters and chickens to create a sustainable life abroad.


All HT students and staff are encouraged to BRIE the CHANGE.
Order some DILLICIOUS cheese today!