Dites Cheese! - Votre campagne de financement<br />vous fera sourire!

Ce portail a pour but d’appuyer le milieu scolaire, sportif et associatif lors de leurs campagnes de financement. Grâce à des produits de qualité supérieure de la Fromagerie St-Albert, Dites "Cheese" vous permettra d’atteindre rapidement votre objectif financier!

Meadowlands Public School

Responsable: Mary Redstone
Ottawa, Ontario

Description de la campagne

We are raising funds to purchase large bunkers or other OCDSB approved storage containers to install in the school yard. The storage containers will be to securely and safely store loose parts on the yard in an accessible location for classroom use. The loose parts will be used outside by students and their teachers during guided learning throughout the school day. Please come and visit us during education week to see loose parts in action in our school yard. The students will have an opportunity to explore loose parts with their peers and any interested parents will be welcome to join in and see what they can create out of our diverse collection of common objects from the children's world around them.