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This portal aims to support schools, groups and associations in their fundraising campaigns. With its superior quality products from St-Albert Cheese, Say-Cheese will help you quickly reach your financial goal!


Would you like to get cheese from a Say-Cheese campaign and support a group in your community?

Find a campaign near you by using our search tool and proceed with your order and pay online! A group member will contact you to confirm your order and notify you of the delivery times.

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Claire's School of Dance

Claire's school of dance would like to participate in this delicious cheese fundraiser in order to r...

Details Until
November 30, 2018

Cheer Sport Spinner Sharks

The Cheer Sport Spinner Sharks are a team of cheerleaders aged 12-16 who are excited to be participa...

Details Until
September 30, 2018


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Details Until
June 30, 2019

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Successful Campaigns

Wall Street United Church

This campaign is designed to help support the ongoing works of Wall Street United Church....


Club de Théâtre de l'école secondaire publique Maurice-Lapointe

Le club de théâtre de l'école secondaire publique Maurice-Lapointe aimerait amasser des fonds afi...


École Côte-du-Nord

Campagne de financement pour notre voyage de finissants en juin 2018...


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