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CADS-NCD Sommet Edelweiss

In charge: Ashley Graham
Ottawa, Ontario

Campaign Description

Canadian Adaptive Snowsports (CADS) is a volunteer-based, non-profit national and international leader in alpine adaptive snowsports committed to the idea that “SKIING IS FOR EVERYONE”. CADS provides the resources and support to break down barriers to these activities and in so doing, embrace a healthy lifestyle, camaraderie and fun. Participants pay to be in the program, fees are used to purchase much needed specialized equipment that facilitate a variety of adaptive ski options. The organization operates thanks to the many skilled volunteers who dedicate countless hours to the cause. Our CADS Sommet Edelweiss community is full hearted with participants and volunteers who are passionate about skiing, pushing boundaries and being out in the fresh air. In order to repair and replace aging equipment that facilitates these experiences, we need to raise funds. Please consider contributing through the purchase of cheese! Who doesn't love cheese?!


CADS Sommet Edelweiss Participants and Volunteers