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4th Europe 2019 Independent Trip Unit

Until June 15, 2018
In charge: Suzanne Hachey
Orleans, Ontario

Campaign Description

Girl Guides of Canada is dedicated to ensuring our programming provides opportunities for girls and women to understand their role in the larger world so they can develop into informed and responsible global citizens. Our goal is to increase girls' awareness about the world, promote cross-cultural learning and educate girls on global issues that inspire them to take action.

In the summer of 2019, we will be embanking on a trio to Europe to visit 2 of the Girl Guide world centres. Visiting and staying at Our Chalet and Pax Lodge will increase the units sense of belonging to the global sisterhood embodied by WAGGGS. We will also visit Belgium where the girls will take part in a World War 1 tour and be able to visit Flanders Field.